Do Cats Know Their Names? Science Says Yes, But Don’t Expect Them to Always Listen

Have you had any luck getting your cat to come when called? Although cats are often believed to be indifferent at best to their owner’s attempts at training them, recent studies suggest that cats’ ability to learn rivals that of dogs. Whether they choose to come when called, however, is an entirely different matter. From […]

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Are Essential Oil Flea Treatments Safe for Cats?

There has been a large shift in the past decade or so towards natural living. People are trying to move away from artificial and processed products and this trend has extended to their pets as well. Many people have begun feeding their cats grain-free foods, declawing is becoming more and more uncommon and people are […]

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Why Is My Cat Blinking at Me?

Cats communicate in a variety of ways. Sometimes they meow non-stop for us to fill their food bowls and other times their body language is so subtle that it’s really easy to miss altogether. Non-cat people might find it hard to believe, but even the seemingly simple act of blinking contains so much meaning and […]

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New York on the Verge of Banning Declawing Cats

New York is slated to become the first state in the nation to make declawing cats illegal. The bill was passed by a bipartisan majority in both houses of the New York legislature on Tuesday, June 4th, Animal Advocacy Day, during which lawmakers can bring their pets to the Capitol. The law will go into […]

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Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop and Pee?

While to humans poop is one of the grossest things imaginable, to most animals, cats included, poop is a message – a language even. People post on community boards or neighborhood websites when they want to let their neighbors know something. Well, tens of thousands of years before Facebook or Nextdoor were even conceived, cats […]

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5 Wellness Teas You Can Share With Your Cat

Enjoying a steaming mug full of your favorite tea is a great way to start your morning routine or wind-down after a long day of work. Taking some time to savor a soothing drink can help to slow down a racing or anxious mind and serves as a gentle reminder that no matter what lies […]

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Why Does My Cat Like to Stare at Me?

If you’re like many cat owners, you’ve probably wondered why your cat likes to stare at you so much. Maybe you’ve looked up from your couch or desk to find your kitty intensely staring at you from across the room. Even after you notice them, they’ll just keep on staring straight into your soul. Perhaps […]

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