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All About Catpacks

Whether at the mall, the park or on the way to a kitty play date, catpacks are gaining popularity as a way for people to bring along their cats or other small pets on their everyday adventures.

Catpacks, short for cat backpacks, provide a safe space for your furry friend that’s easy to carry along with you wherever you go. Clunky box carriers can feel clumsy and tend to awkwardly crash into your legs and there are some places where harnesses aren’t a safe alternative. If you’ve ever wanted to travel with your cat, either across the country or around town, a catpack can make any adventure fun and easy!

Why Get a Catpack?

Catpacks are one of the most convenient ways to carry your cat around. From a trip to the vet to a walk through town, cat backpacks are a great option for letting your cat experience the outside world safely. They can even be used alongside a harness to give your cat a place to decompress and relax during a longer outing, such as a cat-led hike.

Catpacks even fit the size restrictions to get approved for travel on select airlines. Most catpacks will fit under airplane seats.

Are There Any Risks With Catpacks?

The risks when using a catpack are low. Cats securely enclosed in a catpack are out of harm’s way and close to their human during outings. However, there are a few factors to consider when deciding on a catpack.

Be Mindful of Heat

The greenhouse effect is what makes it get hotter inside your car than outside on a sunny day. Since cat backpacks have clear windows, this is a possibility with catpacks too.

On particularly hot and humid days it can be dangerous to stay outside too long with your cat in a catpack. This can be made worse if your adventure will take place primarily in high-sun areas. Our cat-safe catpacks are vented for air exchange so it’ll never be as hot as a fully enclosed car, but without precautions, it could still be dangerous for your kitty. Never put your catpack down in direct sunlight and never, never leave your cat unattended inside.

On hot days, you should take extra care to check on your cat. Carry a travel water bottle and a harness and leash. This allows you to let the cat out for periods of time and hydrate. Dehydration is one of the most common problems for cats in general so ensure that your cat isn’t suffering from it. If you’re going to be out for a while, it’s a good idea to carry some wet food and a travel bowl. Most cats will eat more than they’re willing to drink. The wet food has decent moisture to help avoid dehydration in cats.

Know Your Cat

Some cats are completely happy being on full display. They’ll show off for anyone who will look at them. Many cats prefer to be able to hide, though. This isn’t exactly a safety issue but it’s something to think of for the sake of your cat’s overall well-being. It may impact exactly which catpack is the right pick for both of you.

While you may get excited about helping your cat see the world, they may feel anxious about it. They’re no longer near their comfortable territory and there may be unfamiliar people. This can be a really scary experience for some cats, so it’s important to be mindful of their individual personalities and needs.

What’s the Best Catpack?

The Cultured Cat has a variety of catpack designs and styles available. Each has its place and the best one really depends on what works best for you and your cat. Maybe you just want the cutest option. Your cat may be a known escape artist. You may have a particularly shy cat who wants the ability to hide. There are valid reasons for choosing each of our catpacks depending on your individual cat’s needs.

Bubble Window Catpack

The Bubble Window Catpack gives your cat the ability to see everything on any adventure. This gives max visibility to the social cat who is happy to be seen in any and all environments. It’s known for being one of the lightest weight catpacks and is available in 6 different colors.

Extendable Window Catpack

It may look pretty much identical to the Bubble Window Catpack, but the Extendable Window Catpack has a well-kept secret. Whenever you stop to rest, you’re able to unzip the back portion to fold out some extra legroom for your cat. They then have the space to sprawl out safely within their own little compartment. It’s the kitty condo of catpack travel and it’s available in 9 different colors!

Space Dome Catpack

The Space Dome Catpack is known for being cats’ overall fan favorite. It gives your cat the option to hide if they aren’t particularly fond of being on display throughout the adventure. Select colors are even available with a zipper-lock design to keep even the sneakiest escape artists safely where they belong. Due to its popularity, this catpack style is our fastest-growing product line. Currently, there are over a dozen different options including paint splatter, geometric-shaped catpacks, animal prints, solid colors, and more.

Penguin Catpack

Our line of Penguin Catpacks is the quirky new addition to the family. It’s super cute and has a well-ventilated medium-sized window. It doesn’t offer room to fully hide, but your cat won’t be on full display if they choose to lay down, either. (At the very least, they don’t need to look at anything they don’t want to! ????) It’s a great in-between option if you’re torn between the full window or giving your cat the ability to fully hide in their catpack.

As long as you and your cat follow safety guidelines and choose the bag that best fits your needs, a catpack will be your new favorite shared accessory. Travel without having to leave your best friend behind and enjoy your new adventures together!

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