About Us

Here at The Cultured Cat, we believe that all cats deserve a forever home where they can be raised by loving, well-informed humans! We’re more than just a pet store, we’re a community of cat lovers focused on sharing cat facts, training and care information with the world the same way that cats love to share their purrs, cuddles and sometimes “little presents” with us.

We aim to create a space where we can all be crazy cat people! We’re creating both written and photographic content to try to help other cat-loving people learn about these incredible creatures we call cats as well as share what we go through in our own experiences. We’re learning more every day and we want to help share that knowledge in an accessible way for our followers.

While based in the US, we work with manufacturing partners around the globe to ensure we can bring you unique, cute, and quirky products for both you and your cat. We aim to continue to grow this site to become a one-stop-shop where you can find unique cat-themed products as well as a curated collection of supplies and accessories for your cat!

We hope you enjoy our content as much as you enjoy our products because this is a project that we are really passionate about!

The Cultured Cat has also recently started an office fostering program that we’re really excited about. Running The Cultured Cat has allowed us to take in local strays, making sure they get spayed and neutered and ensuring that they no longer have to live a difficult life on the streets.

We are open to suggestions of products and content that you’d like to see. We’d also love to feature your cats on our social media pages. (Plz send cat pics! meow@theculturedcat.com). If you’re interested in learning more about our cat family, you can Meet Our Cats here!