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Top Toys to Have When Bringing a New Cat Home

Bringing a new cat home is always so exciting! There’s a handful of things you gotta do to get ready for your new fluffy friend to do well in their new environment, from getting the right kind of food to setting up enough litter boxes. While it might not seem as important, you definitely don’t want to forget to get some toys for them too! Whether you’re bringing home a kitten or an adult cat, there’s a variety of toys that can make their move easier and more fun. You’ll have to feel out what they like to play with and having some variety can help to identify what they truly enjoy relatively quickly. Start with these basics to find your furry friend’s favorite playtime activities with ease.

Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is often a fan favorite when it comes to cat toys. They can even help the shy cats come out of their shell since these toys don’t require direct physical contact. It can be a bonding experience that still allows some space as a cat adjusts to their new home.

Laser pointers aren’t just for the new cat in town. They remain favorites among cats of all ages and personalities. This quick thrill can keep many cats entertained for hours. Those who enjoy this kind of play can get a lot of mileage out of rechargeable USB laser pointers. With a rechargeable one on hand, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery mid-playtime again!

Having a laser pointer waiting at home for your new friend might be the difference between a fun first day or a cat who won’t come out to play. Nothing lures a cat out better from the back of a closet than a tiny, intangible 2D circle of light!


Catnip is a staple that most cats enjoy. It can be calming so it’s perfect for a cat who is settling into a new environment, dealing with changes, or just for fun.

While a young kitten might just jump right into its new life, confidently exploring your home, some older cats might take longer to get used to a new place to live. Most adult cats even tend to hide out for a few days after a move, slowly coming out of their hiding spot to scope the food and litter areas and make sure their new territory is safe.

Even if you’re excited to show your new companion around their new home, it’s best to let them take the whole process at their own pace. They’ll come out once they’re ready! The good news is it’s possible to use catnip to speed up this initial acclimation process.

When your kitty breathes in the nepetalactone in catnip, it causes a calming, euphoric reaction that can help them feel comfortable and relaxed. Not only will this help to reduce their anxiety when in this stressed state but it will also create a positive association with their new surroundings.

There are so many different catnip toys and treats on the market and they all seem to vary in strength, it can be hard to pick just one. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even DIY your own by filling cloth squares with fresh catnip and sowing them shut.

When you’re in need of a quick and easy way to calm your cat though, Kitty Can’t Cope Sacks are the way to go. These little happy sacks are filled with top-shelf catnip and really come in handy if your new cat is feeling overwhelmed in their new space.

Their name seems to hold up as Kitty Can’t Cope Sacks can calm down even the most anxious of cats. Made in the US by the Back Bay Pet Co. from 100% certified organic catnip and stuffed into a 100% cotton pouch, this product tends to be loved by all cats.


When it comes to cats, having something to scratch is a must. While a scratcher may not seem like much of a toy to you, scratching is one of a cat’s favorite pastimes. In fact, scratching can help a cat both burn excess energy and relieve stress!

Scratching is a crucial activity for cats, and if they don’t get their paws on a scratching post you’ll find that they’ll find their own surfaces to scratch. Like your furniture or your limbs. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you have multiple scratching surfaces for your new cat to try out.

There’s a wide variety of options available and different cats will have different preferences. This may leave you questioning what to get. The main thing to consider is that some cats prefer to scratch vertical surfaces while others will prefer horizontal ones. To ensure that your cat has a comfortable surface to care for your nails, getting one of each is the best choice. Giving them a surface that they enjoy scratching is mutually beneficial since this makes your furniture a lot less tempting.


Teasers are pretty much a must when it comes to cat toys. They’re great for interactive play that allows your cat to show off their fierce hunting skills. Many cats enjoy these, but some will have a preference for different teaser ends. Some cats prefer feathers, while others like ribbons or cloth.

This is why the interchangeable teaser sets are so useful. Having multiple types available allows you to figure out if your cat is more of a streamers, catnip, or feather type of hunter.

Some cats will even drag the teaser around, bringing their “prey” to their stash after they’ve caught it. This works as the perfect segue from playtime to mealtime and sets up the basis for a natural schedule. Hunt, eat, sleep! ????

Variety Pack

From crinkle balls to mini mice and everywhere in between, there are a variety of small cat toys designed for more independent play for your cat. Some cats will like anything that you put in front of them while others will be rather particular. Trying a little bit of everything can ensure that your cat will be able to explore some options and find the toys that best fit their personalities. These toys may become things you see getting batted at around the house or things that go missing in a stash spot that your cat makes sure that you won’t find for a good while. Either way, they provide entertainment for your little companion at times that you may not be able to.

Cats all have their own very distinct personalities. This means that finding the toys that work best for your cat is essential to them getting out their energy in a fun way, rather than a destructive one. Start with the basics to get a feel for your cat’s preferences and then it should be easier to branch out. In the meantime, enjoy the bonding experience that all this playtime with your new fluffy friend will provide.

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