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Cat Products for Back to School Shopping

It may still be summer, but back-to-school season is upon us. There are things you’ll surely need to be picking up in the coming weeks to get ready. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or parent, these cute cat products will be checking off some of the big boxes for this year’s school supply list.

Cute Cat Canvas Backpack

This backpack is spacious and durable to last through the school year and beyond. It’s cute enough for a child to enjoy yet stylish enough to be a great choice for college students or teachers as well. It’s large enough to fit a laptop and books. There’s one main pocket that’s doubly protected by a zipper and snaps plus the smaller pocket where you can put things you’ll need easy access to. These backpacks offer 4 different colors for you to choose from.

Black Cat Gel Ink Pens

Writing utensils are a must for everyone in school. Usually, black ink is the universally accepted option regardless of what grade you’re in. This necessity doesn’t have to be a boring thing that you just throw in your cart thanks to our black cat gel pens. They come in a pack of 4, all with different faces. They have a 0.5mm tip for your writing to look clean and crisp.

Black Cat Flash Drive

Regardless of how much data you need to store, a black cat flash drive is here to keep your information safe. It’s available in 7 different storage sizes ranging from 4GB to 256GB. The cat body doubles as a case to keep your flash drive safe from whatever the outside world throws at it, even if that is just a messy backpack.

Tabby Travel Mug

The tabby travel mug is the answer to the morning dilemma of whether or not you have time for your morning coffee or tea. This travel mug has a handle so it’s easy to carry around a hot beverage without having to worry about burning your hand. Pop on the lid and the mug is ready for on-the-go use. It’ll quickly become your favorite mug with its large 20oz capacity and versatile use as both a regular and travel mug. There are 4 different tabby cat designs available on these extra large travel mugs.

15” Wooden Cat Ruler

Our new wooden cat rulers are slightly longer than the average ones measuring up to 15 inches as opposed to the traditional 12. These are common supplies, especially for young school-age children, but they’re also useful for home and office uses. The cat design is made to be cute without sacrificing functionality. These rulers are available in black, white, pink, and teal.

Kitty Pencil Pouch

Keep your writing utensils in a cute little cat with one of these kitty pencil pouches. The soft flexible pouch is easy to fit in any bag and helps to keep your belongings organized. It’s big enough to store the small items you’ll need throughout the day but small enough to not take up all of the space in a bag. This staple can be great for sending the kids off to school or just keeping things organized at home. They’re available in 4 different cat patterns including grey tabby, brown tabby, ragdoll, and black & white.

School shopping can seem to be lackluster, but it’s a lot more fun when you can find products that show off your personality. Make your back-to-school experience more enjoyable with some of these cat-themed products this year.