Yuki (06.04.2022 – )

Yuki is a young kitten born sometime in early March of this year to Sylvie. They have a close bond and it’s possible that Yuki may be the only survivor of the litter. As a 4-month-old, she’s into everything. She now loves every toy that she can get her paws on. If it isn’t a toy, she’s likely to treat it as one anyways. This curious little kitten is adjusting to life as a big sister and struggling with how it changed the dynamic between her and her mother, Sylvie. We are hoping to find a multi-cat household for her as she loves to play with Cultured Cat, Abra.

Sylvie (06.16.2022 – )

Sylvie is a local stray momma cat who just walked up to our door. While shy at first, once she warms up Sylvie will just throw herself into your arms. For a cat that has spent her life on the streets, she is amazingly loving. She surprised us by being pregnant again when we took her in. She’ll be with us at least until she’s done nursing her 3 kittens that were born July 23-25.

Sylvie’s Kitten #1 (07.23.2022 – )

Kitten #1 was born around 10:30 pm on July 23rd. We’re assuming that she’s a female since she’s a calico like her mother. (Male calicos are the rarest of all cat colorations and are sterile.) She is the most active of the newborns and is often seen rolling around and trying to escape the little cat nest.

Sylvie’s Kitten #2 (07.23.2022 – 07.24.2022)

Kitten #2 was born with severe birth defects including organs on the outside of its body. It only lived for about a day but spent their time with their sister and mom.

Sylvie’s Kitten #3 (07.24.2022 – )

Kitten #3 was born a full 24 hours after #1 and is a black & white kitten that has been compared to The Cultured Cat’s Litten both in looks and personality. It’s the chubbiest kitten, loves naps, and seems to prefer stealing where one of the other kittens is nursing rather than finding a space of their own.

Sylvie’s Kitten #4 (07.25.2022 – )

Kitten #4 was born sometime in the early morning on the 25th. This kitten appears to be a tabby with a white tummy and some white markings on its face. They have mastered the art of disguise and can often be seen hiding at the bottom of the kitten pile.