Bubble Window Catpack – Cat Carrying Travel Backpack


Adventure With Your Cat in Style!

Does your kitty long to travel the great outdoors with you when you go out? With this awesome full-window cat travel backpack you can now stop leaving your fearless feline behind. Give your cat an incredible view of the world and show off just how cute they are while you’re at it.

Made from lightweight and durable pet-safe materials, the Bubble Window Catpack lets you safely and securely take your adventurous kitty with you wherever you go. The transparent dome offers a secure barrier while the included elastic strap attaches to your cat’s harness or leash, ensuring they don’t accidentally get lost while outside. The front zipper and side door allow easy access to your floof and the large ventilation holes provide excellent air flow. The breathable mesh design and chest strap maximize the comfort, stability and wearability of this backpack.

No matter where you go, whether the local park or halfway across the globe, the Bubble Window Travel Catpack lets the world know you’re proud to be a cat owner!

Bubble Window Catpack – Cat Carrying Travel Backpack